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Welcome to Paradise Rabbit Farm

* Paradise Rabbit Farming established in 2001.

* We have good experience to manage and care of Rabbits.

* We give the Proper Training of the business to our new clients. We tell them how they can get maximum profit with the minimum budget.

* For the economic growth of our country, Rabbit growing is considered as one of the best aspects. But in India, Rabbits are living in forests, villages, hill areas etc.

* The growing of rabbits is not only for meat purpose but also it should be noted that importance is being offered for their skin and hairs. Actually Rabbit is very useful and gives the benefits to people.

* Rabbit food is the key segment in fighting with the world hunger. Rabbit food has the high nutritious capability, This is the one of the main reason that  the food and health organization using rabbit food as a main weapon against the malnutrition.  

*The potential and demand for the rabbit food is very high. India as a developing nation facing the shortage of the non veg food.

Why to Eat Rabbit Meat -  It is the most white meat accessible in the business. This meat  have high rate of effective nutritions and absorb able protein. One of the best benefit of the rabbit food is that it contains the minimum fat substance as compare to other non veg food.

Common Disease of Rabbits and their Prevention

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Most of the business man thinks that rabbits convey the Pasteurella multocidia disease.  Pasteurella is

commonly known as snuffles.  According to the scientist theory this is not true

Most of the breeds are the illness resistance. In case of illness rabbit can be separated.