Welcome to Paradise Rabbit Farm

* Paradise Rabbit Farming established in 2001.

* We have good experience to manage and care of Rabbits.

* We give the Proper Training also for New Clients and give after sale service with best rates and better quality.

* For the economic growth of our country, Rabbit growing is considered as one of the best aspects. But in India, Rabbits are living in forests, villages, hill areas etc.

* The growing of rabbits is not only for meat purpose but also it should be noted that importance is being offered for their skin and hairs. Actually Rabbit is very useful and gives the benefits to people.

* The Food and Agriculture Organization's strategy to fight world hunger has rabbit as its key component. Increased awareness of the high potential of meat rabbit production has made a positive impact on the lives of the majority of subsistence, limited-resource rural and periurban populations in Western countries.

*In developing countries such as India, where enormous meat shortages exist, the potential for rabbit production is greatest.

Why to Eat Rabbit Meat - It is one of the best white i.e. totally lean meat available in the market. This meat is having high percentage of easily digestible protein. It contains the least fat content among all the meats.

Common Disease of Rabbits and their Prevention

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Many breeders believe that all rabbits carry the Pasteurella multocidia organism in their respiratory tract.
This is not true! Though some may indeed carry the infection, there are many which do not.

This is why I breed toward disease resistance. If any rabbit shows signs of infection they are culled. Pasturella manifests itself in many forms. The most common is what is referred to as snuffles.

Record Keeping

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An ideal rabbitry always progresses with good record for all the aspects. A. Breeding Records

1. Rabbit's number

2. Number of rabbit to which this rabbit was bred

3. Date bred

4. Date kindled